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Membership Covenant

As born-again believers in Jesus Christ and as members of this local church, we joyfully enter into a covenant with each other as one body in Christ. We desire and strive, by God’s enabling, to walk together in Biblical unity, to promote the spiritual health of this local body, to encourage its corporate worship, to observe its ordinances, to undertake its discipline, and to practice its doctrines.

Furthermore, we desire and strive to cheerfully support this local church with gracious giving, fervent prayer, regular attendance, and sacrificial love. It is our desire to maintain a godly home, a faithful testimony to the lost, and a holy lifestyle.

We pledge, by God’s enabling, to conduct ourselves in a manner which displays holiness and grace and at all times, reflecting the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Within His church, we promise to avoid disunity, improper speech, spiritual apathy, and any other trait which would harm both the universal and local body of Christ.

In addition, we will apply ourselves to the love and care of the brethren with sincerity of heart and will foster an atmosphere of true fellowship with every member of Christ’s church.

Finally, should the need arise for us to remove ourselves from this local body, we will leave with a gracious spirit, eagerly attempting to unite with some other local church where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God’s Word.

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